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Labor Commissioner Hearings | Attorney Representation

Sometimes filing a lawsuit is not the most efficient, expedient or easiest way to recover unpaid wages that your employer still owes you. This issue is discussed in Volume 6 of our Employment Law Newsletter titled “Pros & Cons of Pursuing Wage Claims before the CA Labor Commissioner.” One underappreciated way to go about recovering unpaid wages is by filing a wage claim with the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (a.k.a. the "Labor Commissioner" or "Labor Board").


The more valuable your potential claim, the more advantageous it is for you to hire an attorney to represent your rights at the Labor Commissioner's hearing. Regardless of the value, hiring an attorney goes a long way. The employment attorneys at the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters have extensive experience both prosecuting and defending Labor Board claims on employees' and employers' behalves. Contact us today to discuss the facts of your claim, find out more about the process, and to learn just how important it is for you to be adequately represented before the Labor Commissioner.


Labor Board Hearing Representation in San Diego


Unlike the average lawsuit, which is typically handled on a contingency basis, we have a set fee schedule for clients who wish to retain one of our attorneys for purposes of representing them before the California Labor Commissioner. All cases require an initial deposit of $2,500 and usually require approximately 6 to 8 hours of work (billed at the rates provided below) depending on the complexity of the issues involved. Similar to the case's value, the more complex the issues, the better off you are retaining an attorney.


At the conclusion of your Labor Board Wage Claim**, if the balance you owe for work performed is less than your initial deposit, we refund the difference. Conversely, if the amount you owe ever exceeds the amount of your initial deposit, we bill you for that amount upon receipt of the Labor Commissioner's Order, Decision or Award ("ODA").


The other applicable attorney's fees are as follows:


  • For Claims valued* at $25,000 or lower - $325.00/hour

  • For Claims valued* at $25,000 or more - $300.00/hour + 10% of total recovery awarded in the ODA (if any)


Experienced Attorney for Labor Commissioner Hearings


If you have reason to suspect that you are owed wages from your employer, please contact our firm online and complete our Case Evaluation Form. We will review your information and contact you to schedule an appointment to speak directly to one of our attorneys.


For immediate assistance or to make an appointment today for your free consultation, please call (858) 623-5655.


*Your Claim's value is determined by the attorney(s) who conduct your free initial consultation, and is based on the total wages at stake, the availability of other additional damages, a calculation of interest in applicable cases, and the application of law to the circumstances surrounding your claims.


**Conclusion of your Labor Board Wage Claim means upon receipt of the Labor Commissioner's ODA and does not factor in, or include, any appeal that you may wish to file.

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