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Labor & Employment Law | Law Office of Douglas Walters


If it happened at work, chances are our office can help you work through the problem. With decades of combined experience, attorney Doug Walters have handled an assortment of labor and employment related issues including, but not limited to, the following: (click each category below for more information)


  • Wrongful Termination

  • Whistleblower Protection

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Individual Wage & Hour Disputes

  • Wage & Hour Class Actions 

  • Employee Misclassification 

  • Workplace Discrimination 

  • Disability Discrimination 

  • Failure to Accommodate Workplace Restrictions (a form of disability discrimination)

  • Hostile Work Environment 


If you believe you have a case that falls into one of the categories above, we may be able to help you obtain one or more of the following types of damages:


  • Back Pay and/or Front Pay

  • Interest on unpaid wages

  • Liquidated damages

  • Reinstatement

  • Emotional Distress

  • Labor Code Penalties (civil and/or statutory)

  • Attorney's fees


Contact our Experienced Employment Law Attorneys Today


With more than 40 years experience, our Employment Lawyers understand the financial, physical, and mental pressure you are under when a workplace problem disrupts your life. We are dedicated to helping you resolve these matters efficiently and effectively. Call our employment law firm at (858) 623-5655 and arrange for a complimentary consultation. Or, connect with us online through our Case Evaluation Form.

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