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Failure to Accommodate Workplace Restrictions

When you have been given workplace restrictions based on a recognized disability or illness (pregnancy, workplace injury, etc), your employer is obligated to engage in what is called a "timely and good faith interactive process." The purpose of doing so is to see what, if any, accommodations may be made for your disability or illness so that you can continue to work as normally as possible. Sometimes employers fail to engage in this process. Sometimes they terminate an employee who asks for accommodations. If your employer has done either or both, you may have a very good claim for damages. Contact Workplace Discrimination Attorney Doug Walters to discuss your rights and don't let your employer get away with this unfair treatment. Our office can be reached at (858) 623-5655, and we offer a complimentary consultation.


Failure to Accommodate Workplace Restrictions in CA


Failing to engage in a timely and good faith interactive process is a violation of California law and may give rise to your employer's liability for workplace discrimination or failure to accommodate.


Similarly, terminating or materially changing the nature of one's employment as a result of his or her request for workplace accommodations can give rise to an employer's liability for retaliatory termination under many different sources of California law.


At the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters have handled many cases involving an employer’s failure or refusal to engage in the interactive process, an employer's inadequate workplace accommodations and/or an employer's retaliatory termination as a result of receiving a request for accommodations. If your employer won't accommodate your injury, illness or disability, or they have fired you for requesting an evaluation of available accommodations, contact us immediately to set up your free initial consultation.


Conveniently located in Del Mar right in between Central and North County San Diego, the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters represents clients in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties, and elsewhere throughout the State of California.


If you suspect your employer has violated state or federal laws that govern accommodating a workplace restriction or disability, please connect with us online and complete our Case Evaluation Form. We will review your information and contact you to schedule an appointment to speak to one of our attorneys. 

For immediate assistance or to schedule an appointment today for your free consultation, please call (858) 623-5655.

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