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Directions to Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters

The Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters is proud to serve the needs of employees, accident injury victims, and those involved in disputes with insurance companies in San Diego and throughout California.


Our Address


Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters

12626 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300

San Diego, CA 92130


Phone:  858-623-5655

Fax:  858-623-5645


Contact our San Diego Attorneys for a Free Consultation


From our San Diego office, we serve clients throughout California. Call (858) 623-5655 to schedule a complimentary consultation. As skilled negotiators and trial lawyers, our firm has more than 40 years of experience working to preserve and protect the best interests of their clients.


When experience and knowledge are critical to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your matter, contact the Law Offices of San Diego Employment Lawyer Douglas F. Walters for a free, in-depth consultation.

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