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Client Testimonials – Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters


Our dedication to achieving positive outcomes for clients is reflected in testimonials and reviews from clients. With over 40  experience, Attorney Doug Walters represent clients in matters involving employment law, accident injury claims, and insurance disputes.


Call our law firm at (858) 623-5655, or contact us online, and schedule your free consultation.


Reviews from Clients

Here are just a few accounts of what our clients have to say about their experience working with the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters:

Representing Employees before the CA Labor Board

“I filed a wage claim against my previous employer and decided to hire an attorney for the labor board hearing. After speaking with several attorneys, I chose Ryan for his friendliness, intelligence, and broad knowledge of labor law. He also recognizes when he doesn't know something, and instead of making assumptions, he finds out the facts. I really enjoyed working with him as we developed the strategy for the hearing.

I also felt the amount of time he spent on the case, and therefore how much I was billed, was very reasonable. It was worth not only the peace of mind I had, but his presence there was instrumental to me winning my case.

I highly recommend Ryan as counsel for any legal matters regarding labor law.”

-Local Employee with CA Labor Board Wage Claim”- San Diego, California (2018)


Representing Business Owners

Working with Ryan has been a great experience. He's extremely professional, diligent, and will not rest until the task at hand is complete. I recently needed to revamp an employee handbook with labor law revisions and knew Ryan would be the perfect person for the job, even though it was extremely last minute. He broke down into layman's terms each part of the labor code so I could easily understand it and address any questions my employees might have. I highly recommend working with Ryan and know we'll be needing his services again in the near future during these pertinent growth stages.

– Local Business Owner; San Diego, California (2018)


Representing Employees

Working with Doug and Ryan was a very positive experience. They were professional, easy to communicate with and get ahold of if I needed to, and made sure I understood all of my options. I highly recommend this firm to anyone needing legal assistance.

– Local Commission-based Employee; San Diego, California (2017)


Representing Independent Contractors

I had quite a unique case. But with the help of this law office , I was able to collect on a settlement !! Thank you so much!

– Local Independent Contractor; San Diego, California (2017)

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