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Advice & Counseling Services for Employers

If you are an employer in California, you absolutely do not want to try and navigate the complex realm of California labor & employment law alone. From questions regarding termination, to the payment of wages, to the process of accommodating workplace restrictions, and beyond, our trusted attorneys can be your go-to source for on-call help with any matter related to the employment of your workers. 

Need help drafting employment documents like contracts or compensation structures? Want to discuss the necessity, pros and/or cons of implementing an arbitration agreement? Have an employee handbook that needs an update? Our experienced attorneys have you covered on these issues too. We will carefully assess the nature and needs of your business in order to produce any documentation or paperwork you may require. We will also walk you through step by step just how to go about giving that paperwork to your employees so they are not caught off guard when the terms of their employment change.  

Advice & Counseling Services in California

Unlike the average lawsuit, which is typically handled on a contingency basis, we have a set fee schedule for clients who wish to retain one of our attorneys for purposes of providing advice and counseling services. All advice and counseling clients are required to provide an initial deposit of $2,500.00 and are billed at the rate of $325.00/hour. Hourly rates are billed/applied against that initial deposit until the balance of the deposit is exhausted.  

Conveniently located in Del Mar right in between Central and North County San Diego, the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters represents clients in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties, and elsewhere throughout the State of California. 

Please complete our Case Evaluation Form. We will review your information and contact you to schedule an appointment to speak directly to one of our attorneys. 

For immediate assistance or to make an appointment today for your free consultation, please call (858) 623-5655.

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