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Encinitas Employment Law Attorney Douglas Walters

Encinitas Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters has been representing clients in matters of employment law for more than four decades in San Diego and other areas of Southern California.


If you are facing a situation involving workplace discrimination, employee misclassification, late or underpaid wages, or sexual harassment, contact Encinitas Employment Lawyer Douglas F. Walters. He is highly qualified to help you obtain the full compensation due under the law for the injustice your employer has perpetrated.


Encinitas Employment Law Attorney Douglas Walters is dedicated to the protection of employee rights and is a strong advocate for clients. When you need knowledgeable representation in employment disputes, Employment Attorney Walters is ready to help. Contact our Encinitas employment law firm at (858) 623-5655 to make an appointment for a private consultation at no charge. 


All aspects of the employment law case are handled by Encinitas Employment Attorney Douglas Walters, and he provides reliable representation and advice. Our office responds to client phone calls and emails promptly. We keep you updated and informed regarding your case and any new developments. Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters takes most cases on a contingency basis. He does not require payment of attorney fees until after a favorable outcome is achieved for the client.

Knowledgeable Employment Law Lawyer for Encinitas, CA

We have over 40 years of combined experience handling work-related matters.

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Encinitas Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters handles many types of employment law cases, including the following.

Workplace Discrimination Attorney

It is against the law for employers to discriminate against employees in the following areas:


Age Discrimination: A worker over age 40 is protected from discrimination at work. The Age Discrimination Employment Act mandates that employers not treat employees in a less favorable manner due to their age.


Gender Discrimination: Gender-based wage discrimination is illegal according to the terms of the Equal Pay Act.


Marital Status Discrimination: If an employer does not offer employment, promotions, or benefits to an employee, or terminates employment due to marital status, this is against the law. Has your employer committed marital status discrimination? If so, contact our firm. Encinitas Attorney Douglas Walters offers effective representation as a skilled workplace discrimination lawyer.


Country of Origin Discrimination: Employers are prohibited from discrimination against employees based on national origin. Such unlawful behavior may lead to financial and legal consequences for the employer.


Pregnancy Discrimination: Discrimination due to the pregnancy status of an employee is illegal. Encinitas Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters helps clients pursue due compensation and justice after experiencing this kind of discrimination that violates the law.


Racial Discrimination: If an employer engages in discrimination towards an employee because of race, ethnicity, or color of skin, this is against the law. Call Employment Law Attorney Doug Walters to obtain effective representation in discrimination cases.


Religious Discrimination: Employers who engage in religious discrimination, such as demoting an employee or handing down a workplace infraction, are in violation of the law and put themselves at risk of legal repercussions.


Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Individuals who have been subjected to discriminatory actions due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation can find trustworthy representation from Encinitas Employment Lawyer and Workplace Discrimination Attorney Doug Walters.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

An employer who does not make needed, reasonable accommodations for a disabled employee is in violation of both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Discrimination against workers who are disabled is prohibited by law. When an employee needs certain accommodations to be made in order to accomplish their job properly, the employer must make these accommodations. Such measures may include bathroom access. Contact Disability Discrimination Attorney Douglas Walters to receive a careful evaluation of your specific case.


Employee Misclassification Attorney

When a worker is purposely misclassified as a contractor in order for the employer to avoid paying for overtime, workers compensation, or other benefits, serious consequences may result. Mr. Walters is a skilled employee misclassification lawyer who stands up for the rights of workers.


Sexual Harassment Lawyer

There are many types of unwelcome sexual advances, remarks, and conduct that can be termed sexual harassment. As a long-time Encinitas employment attorney and sexual harassment attorney, Mr. Walters provides strong representation in these cases because he believes no one should be treated in such a disrespectful, degrading manner.


Wage and Overtime Disputes Attorney

When an employer fails to pay employees for each hour worked or when requirements for overtime or minimum wage are not met, Wage & Overtime Disputes Lawyer Douglas F. Walters can help. Our law office pursues justice for employees in every type of pay dispute.


Whistleblower Protection Lawyer

If a worker alerts the authorities to a fraudulent activity that the employer is engaged in, at that time the worker comes under the protection of the law. Whistleblower laws  have been enacted to protect employees from retaliation, including termination. Encinitas Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters has proven himself to be a reliable whistleblower protection attorney by working to protect employee rights after they have reported unlawful actions or taken part in a workplace investigation.


Wrongful Termination Attorney

As a wrongful termination lawyer, Mr. Walters provides effective representation for people who have been illegally laid off or terminated from employment. A legal case in such a situation might involve discrimination, breach of contract, or some other action that violates the law. Call our Encinitas employment law lawyer if you suspect unlawful reasons are behind a recent termination of employment.


Insurance Law Lawyer

Mr. Walters can also assist in broker/agent disputes, denial of claims, and similar insurance issues. He is an experienced insurance law attorney who provides representation in a range of insurance disputes and helps clients reach a favorable outcome.


Personal Injury Attorney

Additionally, individuals who have suffered severe injury due to negligence or deliberate actions on the part of another can find reliable counsel from Encinitas Personal Injury Lawyer Walters. If you have lost a family member or other loved one in a fatal accident that was caused by someone else, Mr. Walters can pursue those responsible and work to gain a level of justice for the terrible loss.

Attorney Douglas F. Walters

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Consult with a Skilled Encinitas Employment Attorney


As a reliable employment attorney, Mr. Walters offers clients sensible counsel throughout the progression of a case. To gain insights on your employment or personal injury matter, contact our law firm.


In the event that you are facing circumstances of insurance dispute, wrongful death, catastrophic personal injury, or illegal conduct in the workplace, please complete our case evaluation form. Mr. Walters is a knowledgeable and effective employment law attorney, personal injury attorney, and insurance law lawyer who will carefully review your situation and provide a free consultation regarding how you may be able to gain proper compensation.


To connect with our employment law firm, dial (858) 623-5655. Employment Lawyer Doug Walters uses his experience and knowledge of the law to help clients gain a favorable judgment or settlement.

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