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San Diego Insurance Lawyer Doug Walters

Welcome to the Law Offices of San Diego Insurance Attorney Douglas F. Walters. If you are presently involved in a dispute with your insurance company, it is vital that you retain a knowledgeable lawyer who possesses an in-depth understanding of Insurance Law.


Lawyer Doug Walters have more than 40 years of combined experience successfully representing policyholders whose insurance companies have wrongfully denied their claims. Whether you need assistance settling a homeowner’s claim, a health insurance claim, or a claim filed with your vehicle insurance provider, our insurance attorneys can help!


If you have filed a claim with your insurance company and they have refused to remit fair and just compensation to reimburse you for a loss, contact our San Diego insurance lawyers at (858) 623-5655. We will make an appointment for you to come in for a free, comprehensive consultation with the region’s leading Insurance attorneys.


Insurance Representation in San Diego


Although insurance companies have a duty to pay out claims pursuant to the terms of your policy, many prefer to maintain their bottom monetary line rather than reimburse their policyholders when a loss occurs. As a result, it is often necessary to retain an experienced insurance attorney to force them to pay a reasonable amount to settle your claim.


At the Law Offices of San Diego Insurance Lawyer Douglas F. Walters, we have helped hundreds of clients resolve their disputes and obtain the full compensation to which they are entitled.


Under the law, insurance carriers are required to deal in good faith with their policyholders. This includes thoroughly investigating all claims, working with the insured to settle in a reasonable time, pay within a reasonable time or provide a detailed and written explanation as setting forth the reasons for denying a claim, and defending you in court if another party is suing you as the result of property damage or an accident.


Refusal to abide by the preceding gives the insured grounds to file a complaint with the state Insurance Commissioner, and retain legal counsel.


Mr. Walters is pleased to provide skilled representation in a wide variety of insurance law disputes, including those pertaining to the denial of claims, whether such denial was wrongful or in bad faith, as well as handling a broad range of legal disputes against insurance agents and brokers.


Contact Our San Diego Insurance Attorneys Today

If your insurance company has denied your claim in bad faith, or if you are engaged in a dispute with your insurance agent or broker, please connect with us online and complete our Insurance Law Case Evaluation Form. A representative from the Law Offices of San Diego Insurance Lawyer Douglas F. Walters, APC will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation.


For immediate assistance, call (858) 623-5655 to speak directly with an attorney. We have been proudly serving the residents of San Diego County for more than 40 years. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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