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San Diego Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters

Welcome to the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters, APC. Our experienced employment law attorneys have been vigorously representing the rights of employees for 40+ years in San Diego, throughout California, and elsewhere within the United States.


Our civil law firm handles general civil matters with a focus on employment lawserious accident injury claims, and insurance litigation cases. Our employment law attorneys represent clients in the full spectrum of issues, including sexual harassment, workplace discrimination,  employee misclassification, or the underpayment or late payment of wages, whistleblower laws, and wrongful termination matters.


While we primarily advocate for plaintiff’s rights, we also have extensive experience defending civil lawsuits. By leveraging our experience handling both sides, we strive to provide exemplary and superlative legal representation to clients.


San Diego Employment Lawyer Doug Walters will fight vigorously on your behalf. For knowledgeable legal representation, contact the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters at (858) 623-5655 to make an appointment for a free consultation.


Client communications are addressed in a timely manner, and our clients are always informed regarding the status of each case. The majority of matters are taken on contingency, and you won’t pay attorney’s fees unless we obtain a favorable judgment or settlement in the matter.

Employment Law Representation in San Diego

We have over 40 years of combined experience handling work-related matters.

Has your insurance company denied you coverage without justification?

Injured as a result of someone else’s negligence?

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Seeking unpaid wages before the Labor Commissioner? Let us help!

San Diego Employment Lawyer Doug Walters represents individuals in a wide variety of Employment Law matters, including but not limited to the following:


  • Age Discrimination – Applicable to those 40+ years of age. Protections provided under the Age Discrimination in  Employment Act of 1967, also known as the FEHA.


  • Disability Discrimination – Physical or Mental Disability Discrimination or Failure to Provide Accommodations.  Disabled Employees are afforded protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s FEHA.


  • Employment Misclassification – Misclassification of salaried employees to avoid paying overtime. Also relates to Independent Contractor Misclassification, a common practice carried out that saves the employer funds by disallowing for regular employee benefits, the payment of overtime, unemployment benefits and state / federal employee taxes  for which the employer would generally be responsible.


  • Gender Discrimination – Discrimination based on gender, and applicable to both men & women. The Equal Pay Act 1963 protects employees against wage discrimination based on gender.

  • Hostile Work Environment – An intentional and recurring workplace situation that is abusive, intimidating, and offensive which interferes with job performance may be considered a Hostile Work Environment.




  • Pregnancy Discrimination – As with sexual harassment, discriminating against an employee based on pregnancy is deemed a form of gender discrimination.




  • Sexual Harassment – Any unwelcome sexual conduct, contact or communications. Considered a form of gender discrimination.


  • Wage & Hour Class Actions – Groups of workers who have been denied the proper wages, breaks, meal periods, or  overtime pay may bring a class action lawsuit.

  • Wage & Overtime Disputes – Vigorous representation of individuals whose employers have failed to comply with state overtime requirements, refusal to pay overtime to which the employee is entitled, and rendering payment for regular and overtime wages to the employee in an untimely manner.


  • Whistleblower Protection – Terminating an individual’s employment or subjecting an employee to retaliatory conduct resulting from contacting authorities regarding illegal workplace practices or conduct. Those who participate in police or agency investigations looking into such practices are also afforded protection under whistleblower laws.

  • Workplace Harassment – Employers are required to prevent and correct workplace conduct that is discriminatory,  retaliatory, harassing, or wrongful behavior.


  • Wrongful Termination – Terminating an individual’s employment in breach of an employment contract, or for lack of cause wherein it may be demonstrated that the employee was terminated for discriminatory reasons.

Attorney Douglas F. Walters

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At the Law Offices of San Diego Employment Lawyer Doug Walters, we are committed to seeing every case through to its conclusion. If you have reason to believe that you’ve been the victim of wrongful workplace conduct, are embroiled in an insurance dispute, or have suffered a catastrophic injury (or a loved one has lost their life) due to the negligent or deliberate actions of another, call us at (858) 623-5655, or contact us online with our San Diego Attorney Case Evaluation Form. Our San Diego attorneys will review your information and contact you to schedule your complimentary, personal appointment.

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